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Tony Fehrenbacher
Rips Off the Estate Of Dale Fehrenbacher, Siblings lose out

Anthony William Fehrenbacher married to Jackie Weber Fehrenbacher, Manhattan, Illinois:

Tony Fehrenbacher & Elizabeth Fehrenbacher let Dale Fehrenbacher lay on a slab in a frig in Missouri
while Elizabeth parties in Europe posting pictures and making posts about how drunk she is, nice, I mean
real nice. That's Elizabeth Fehrenbacher for you.

Tony Fehrenbacher refused to allow a visitation in Missouri where Dale Fehrenbacher lived. Spreads a rumor that siblings
going to bury him there. Made false statements and LIED in order to gain support and sympathy. The final wishes of Dale Fehrenbacher
was to have a visitation in Missouri, transport the body to Illinois, a funeral and visitation at St. Joseph Church,
and a burial next to his wife. Only the last item happened. All because of Tony Fehrenbacher & Elziabeth
Fehrenbacher, the 2 people that HATED Dale Fehrenbacher (and he knew it) That's Tony Fehrenbacher for you.

Tony Fehrenbacher tells everyone he paid for the funeral of Dale Fehrenbacher. His comment: "I need to get my money back"
When in fact Pat Forsythe & Jackie Gould told him to leave and wasn't interested
in doing business with him if he can't pay the money upfront. Greg Ferrari Owner of Ferrari funeral
home handled the arrangements, a funeral home approx 60 miles in the middle of no where.
Greg Ferrari has been promised by Tony that the estate will pay the funeral cost. Problem is, the estate has NO MONEY.
As Greg was informed of this he then told me of the run in with Tony Fehrenbacher on job sites with regards to losing his temper
and being a hot head, and getting into physical fights on the job site
Greg Ferrari was disappointed about Tony lying to him, but did mention he had Tony Fehrenbacher
sign a personal guarantee. Kinda funny, Tony Fehrenbacher HATED his father so bad he went to the ends of the earth
to screw him over on his funeral and funeral wishes, kinda funny though Tony Fehrenbacher is going to get stuck with the
bill. That's Tony Fehrenbacher for you.

After learning Tony Fehrenbacher wasn't the beneficiary of any of Dale's belongings. Tony Fehrenbacher took it upon himself
to break into Dale's house and physically steal everything under the sun in the house. Bigger items, Model A John Deere Tractor,
Ford Tractor, John Deere lawn mower, Gun Safe, Guns, Coin Collection, etc, etc, etc. Seems only appropriate Tony Fehrenbacher pay the funeral bill.
Again, stealing from his siblings Elzabeth Fehrenbacher, Theresa and Jackie. Two of which supported him during the funeral.
Feeling a little used and abused by Tony are U?? That's Tony Fehrenbacher for you.

Tony Fehrenbacher asked his siblings not to
testify and to stay out of it since the lawsuit, as it was between him and his father. He SWORE he had paid $500
a month rent on the Manhattan house since Dale left in the 90's. After the case and Dale lost the house
Dale. It was documented in court records Tony only paid $1800 in rent to Dale. 3 checks, total $1800. In at least 15++ years, Tony Fehrenbacher paid $1800
in rent. Dale said they figured his past due rent (w/o interest) exceeded $90K, which is due to the siblings,
and would have been given to the siblings - Elizabeth Fehrenbacher, Theresa & Jackie. Elizabeth Fehrenbacher even went out
of her way to say Tony Fehrenbacher is entitled to the house. Who is she? and where has she been the last 30 years?
That's great if Elizabeth Fehrenbacher wants to give up her 30K, but what about Theresa and Jackie? do they?
Maybe Tony should write them a check as well. That's Tony Fehrenbacher for you

Tony claims to have put all this work into the Manhattan house. The work was done by
Tony and his buddies, as well as family. Tony bragged on many occasions how he would rip off Home Depot,
Job Sites as well as old construction employers to get the supplies needed. Tony always promised
if You help me, I'll help you. kinda like the lawsuit. His claim is he spent 100K into the house, when my guess is he most likely spent
no more than 10K over the 15 years. Dale always said "tony did this all on his own, I never asked him to do any of it"

Tony Fehrenbacher attended a siblings wedding and in the bathroom, locked the door and was caught having sex in
that bathroom with a buddies (Marty) finance. That's Tony Fehrenbacher for you.

Tony claims he had an agreement "rent to buy" the Manhattan home form Dale for 100K. He did, but it was based on
the fact that Tony would pay the property taxes, home insurance and pay $500 per month rent.
NONE of which Anthony Fehrenbacher did. Siblings - Elizabeth Fehrenbacher, Jackie and Theresa
all lose out, meanwhile Tony did nothing more than use them. How do you feel now? That's Tony Fehrenbacher for you.

Tony accused a sibling of a ponzi scheme, when in a similar report Tony was asked by a clerk to provide documentation,
Tony provided nothing. Tony Fehrenbacher invested some money, he never even earned in the hopes to get rich. When the deal
fell thru he wants to blame a sibling in an attempt for sympthany, the fact he would never be stupid enough to get caught in a scam,
and in hopes his sibling would reimburse him. When the sibling showed him his original money saved of 5K was untouched and in the hands of
Tony Fehrenbacher, he went to the internet and an attempt to smear the siblings name, but also an attempt to bully him. That's Tony Fehrenbacher for

In 1999, I gave Tony Fehrenbacher a 1996 Chevy Blazer, Tony Fehrenbacher then asked me at that time
to leave the title in our name, because he didn't have a valid drivers license due to a DUI and multiple
arrests for driving without a license. It took him 5 years to drive like that so he could get his license
back. That's Tony Fehrenbacher for you

I gave Tony Fehrenbacher a 1996 Chevy Blazer in 1999. Tony agreed to pay 5K for the Blazer. He never paid a
dime. That's Tony Fehrenbacher for you.

I gave Tony Fehrenbacher a 2001 Dodge Durango in 2005. Tony agreed to pay 10K for the Durango. Tony paid $500.
That's Tony Fehrenbacher for you

In 2007 Anthony Fehrenbacher went on an "all paid / all inclusive" trip to Cancun, Mexico paid in full by his brother. Tony Fehrenbacher
went to a bar where they solicited sex for money. Tony Fehrenbacher on that evening spent every dollar in his pocket on blow jobs and Full Service
Sexual favors from the woman working the bar. Anthony Fehrenbacher was drunk the entire time, even on the airplane where he threw up during the
flight multiple times. Thats Tony Fehrenbacher for You.

Offender: Tony Fehrenbacher

Country: USA

Category: Furniture & Equipment


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