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Believe it or not he has changed his name yet again!!! He is now known as TOM ISOLA

DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN - PHILIP CERVERA - COTTRELL CERVERA used to work for Fortuna Land and helped scam victims out of property investments. He is now operating out of the UK under a new name TOM ISOLA

PHILIP HOWARD EDWARD COTTRELL changed his name to PHILIP CERVERA 5 years ago and has changed his name yet again!!! It is now TOM ISOLA or THOMAS PHILIP CERVERA ISOLA. He is still busy scamming victims in the UK and abroad, mainly Spain.
He has many alias's and gets victims involved in property scams and has now moved onto the dating sites where he seduces and groom money out of women, he always offers them an agreement or contract, these are most likely fraudulent. If he has given you one check its authenticity and REPORT HIM TO THE POLICE if it is not genuine.

He is VERY convincing and is an expert at defrauding people. He has scammed people out of millions of pounds. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY MORE OR YOU WILL LOSE IT!

We believe that the best way to protect ourselves against Philip Tom Edward Howard Paul Cottrell Cervera Isola Hobson is to make him entirely visible. To that end, here are the mobile telephones that he is currently operating from. As new numbers, and names appear, we will keep you posted.

Current mobiles we have found:

07379 242641

07718 775369

07555 102849

07502 001 782

Plus two extra new aliases we have found: Paul Lyons, and Adrian Ratcliffe. Paul Lyons is associated with a Facebook page He is currently located in Cranbrook, Kent, UK and will, for now, be quite easy to find if anyone wants to serve a summons on him, although what name should be used, we cannot be sure.

DO NOT TRUST PHILIP CERVRA - PHILIP COTTRELL or TOM ISOLA and report him to the police if you have been scammed by him

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Author: Expose a conman


Country: USA

Category: Education & Science

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Lady Bogata March 26, 2018 2:13 PM
Yes PHILIP CERVERA has changed his name again.

Now named TOM ISOLA son of AMANDA COTTRELL, ex high sheriff of Kent.

He trying to get posts removed and flood the internet with fake photos, ridiculous videos, posts or professions to deflect from the truth that he is a CONMAN and a THIEF. He's stolen from many people including elderly people and many companies, even his own family. He has no morals and does not care who he steals from. DO NOT GIVE THIS 'MAN' ANY MONEY and DO NOT TRUST HIM.
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