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Darren Ambler....aka......"Busted Balloon"..aka ....................."Lucifer"
Sex addict-Drug Addict- Sociopath-STD Carrier- Male Prostitute- Pathological Liar-Cherry Hill- NJ:

Complaint / review text:
Darren Ambler resides on 12 WESTBURY DR in Cherry Hill Township NJ. The Predator last employer was Express Scripts in New Jersey. A career in Pharmacy is not a good thing for a Habitual drug addict and sexual addict. Darren Ambler was born with no Conscience or wee wee. He never takes accountability for his bad actions and he is extremely immature and selfish. Darren Ambler's main Vocabulary is SEX- Oral Sex- Pornography-Lies and Foul curse words. It has not been verified but many of us feel Mr. Darren Ambler was raised in the gutter or nearest Trailer Park. A very low class and disgusting evil human being. Darren would lie to the LORD if he thought he would get away with it. No worry- Darren will NEVER see the LORD where he is going for all ETERNITY.

Darren Ambler is a Notorious and well-known Psychopath- Narcissist- Con-Man- Liar- Sex Addict- Drug Addict- Prostitute- Playboy- Heartless Evil Corrupt Freak of nature with Garbage Breath that releases Noxious Flammable fumes with every EXHALE! Darren Ambler made a career out of screwing and physically abusing females for over 4 years. He solicited Vulnerable women for SEX- Oral SEX and Pornography. Darren also enjoyed the company of various known Prostitutes and One-Night Stands. Darren Ambler is an uncaring- Violent-Sex abuser and Drug abuser. Darren has beaten- raped- threatened many of his former SEX partners. Darren Ambler is an IMMORAL PIG with no Conscience- Morals- Manners- Social Grace- Dignity and he is very UGLY with Stinky breath. Darren loves abusing women and making them his SEX slaves.
Darren Ambler gave 10 or more former sex partners STD's. He RAPED at least 3 former lovers. He drugged several Prostitutes just prior to Sex and Bondage sessions. Darren has no Conscience and he cares about HIMSELF only: Sadly Mr. Darren Ambler has kids. Darren is an incompetent parent that does not deserve kids. What could Darren Ambler teach a child? How to be a good Prostitute? How to Lie all the time? How to perform Oral SEX on a Hooker? How to develop a foul mouth? Therefore- Darren offers nothing positive to a child. Darren can not offer guidance- Moral teaching- Manners- etc to impressionable children. The kids should be removed from his care IMMEDIATELY.
Darren Ambler is a GEEK - an UGLY one at that. No personality and he is obsessed with SEX- Pornography and Drugs. Darren is EVIL to the core. Some feel he may be Lucifer's helper on earth. Darren Ambler is indecent-Ugly - has no body- He is a FAILURE in bed and his breath is Flammable and highly TOXIC BEWARE! This evil predator stalks his victims in advance. He will screw anyone. PLEASE warn your Daughters- Mothers- Grandmothers- Great Grandmothers etc. CALL POLICE if you encounter this four eyed immoral geek. Darren has no conscience he will give you STD's. Darren even impregnated a former lover and the poor girl was forced to abort. It was for the better. A baby does not deserve a scum bag like Darren Ambler for a daddy. Darren is a menace to the world. He is vile and corrupt just like the DEVIL. Some feel Darren's horrible breath is punishment from GOD for his sexual sins and corrupt mind. Darren Ambler loves PORN HUB.com. Darren Ambler weighs 130 pounds- has no muscle tone- Bugged out eyes- No personality and he has a micro sized wee wee. His breath releases toxic gas that is hazardous to ones health. The breath is so toxic is may harm the ozone layer. Darren Ambler is dangerous and GROSS in every way.
Megan Bentzley- aka Watermute (DOMINITRIX)- Angie parsons- George have quite a story to tell about Darren "deranged" Ambler. There is a long list of former lovers and One night stands that have much too say about this sick deranged Sex predator and Drug abuser. Darren Ambler lives in a fantasy land and NEVER admits wrong doing. Blames everyone else for his Immoral and indecent behaviors. Darren is an Experienced Male Hooker who specializes in disappointing clients and attempts at Bondage and Group SEX. Payment is due upon receipt of completed services. Three former partners stated they feel Darren may be bi sexual. Darren seemed to enjoy starring at men private parts while watching Porn Hub.com. I am sure Darren Ambler is Jealous of these porno actors because of their well proportioned packages. As opposed to Darren's ZERO Package.

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Complaint-review: Darren Ambler....aka......"Busted Balloon"..aka ....................."Lucifer" - Sex addict-Drug Addict- Sociopath-STD Carrier- Male Prostitute- Pathological Liar-Cherry Hill- NJ:. Photo #1  Complaint-review: Darren Ambler....aka......"Busted Balloon"..aka ....................."Lucifer" - Sex addict-Drug Addict- Sociopath-STD Carrier- Male Prostitute- Pathological Liar-Cherry Hill- NJ:. Photo #2 
Contact information:
Author: Anna-Bella

Offender: Darren Ambler....aka......"Busted Balloon"..aka ....................."Lucifer"

Country: USA   State: New Jersey   County: Camden   City: Cherry Hill   Zip: 08003
Address: 12 Westbury Drive
Site: playerblock.com

Category: Dating


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