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Darren Ambler
Darren Ambler- Sociopath Sex Addict- STD Carrier- Liar- Dating Website abuser- pervert-Cherry Hill- NJ:

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Darren Ambler is a Sociopath-Con-Man- Pathological Liar- Drug Addict turned Sex Addict and now the Predator has spread STD's. Darren is a sick Perverted self-centered deranged slime that has had sex with Prostitutes and a number of Low Class Females with no Morals. Darren has NO Morals- Conscience- Standards or feelings about anyone at all. He is quite self-centered and suffers from serious self-esteem issues.
Sex gives Darren Ambler release and control over women. Darren Ambler is compulsive and impulsive, acts like a spoiled child most of the time. Darren is UGLY and HORRIBLE in bed. He has virtually no wee wee and his body is as bad as his face. He looks like a skinny dork with ZERO personality.
Darren Ambler stalks his sexual prey on line well in advance. He pursues insecure females like himself because that is the only kind of women whom would screw such a disgusting PIG. Darern would screw anyone out of necessity.
Darren even had sex with a 68 year old desperate female. Darren is 40 years old- having sex and oral sex with an old women is VULGAR- SICK and DERANGED. Darren has ZERO CLASS and bad MANNERS. The creep gave me STD's and possibly others. Darren Ambler resides at 12 WESTBURY DR in CHERRY HILL- NEW JERSEY. He works as a PHARMACIST at Express RX in NJ. BEWARE. Darren Ambler is a manipulator and very dangerous.
Spreading filthy STD can be CRIMINAL. Hope UGLY understands that. Darren Ambler is a liar and very abusive to women. He roughed me up many times and forced sex upon me. Very bad sex i might add. Darren Ambler loves nudity and oral sex. He is Filthy minded and a scum bag. Darren has children that should be taken away from him for immorality and incompetence/ Please reject his advances /Call POLICE if he solicits you for sex.

Complaint-review: Darren Ambler - Darren Ambler- Sociopath Sex Addict- STD Carrier- Liar- Dating Website abuser- pervert-Cherry Hill- NJ:. Photo #1  Complaint-review: Darren Ambler - Darren Ambler- Sociopath Sex Addict- STD Carrier- Liar- Dating Website abuser- pervert-Cherry Hill- NJ:. Photo #3  Complaint-review: Darren Ambler - Darren Ambler- Sociopath Sex Addict- STD Carrier- Liar- Dating Website abuser- pervert-Cherry Hill- NJ:. Photo #5 
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Offender: Darren Ambler

Country: USA   State: New Jersey   County: Camden   City: Cherry Hill   Zip: 08003
Address: 12 Westbury Drive

Category: Dating

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February 9, 2018 3:16 AM
Quote: Reneygade
You know inevitably someone might just assume or outrightly post that you're just a scorned ex lover. Before that happens I hope you cld maybe address that. I'm on a little phone and I can't afford glasses, I looked over the entries here I didn't see anything regarding tht. Oh and if you were at one time involved that doesn't mean what you've stated isn't on the money, might mean you'd be the one to know these things for fact. My personal exp, someone I had known from 20 years before posted some uglies abt me on the internet. I had blocked him on social media he was sending me very.. just ugly messages. When I blocked him though I couldn't see wht he was doing. Long story not so short- states Away from mine that weirdo actually DID get arrested. On a few of his personal smears/ attacks on me he said I was armed dangerous on the run from authorities..."if you see her please avoid her for your safety but call the law immediately. " I had no clue he did that even lol. Knock on the door- yep police! They were a little surprised I might add. You'll understand why, momentarily. I showed them my id card. They showed me copies of some things he was posting abt me. My kids too. It was awful. And they were all lies clearly. I'm In a wheelchair! Yea. You see, someone can't be armed and dangerous, living off the lamb sleeping here and there just somewhere to pitch a tent? Not exactly possible for myself. Getting up out of bed in the morning is challenging, there's no possible way I could be IN THE RUN trying to avoid capture...lmao. Pffff. Imo, the Authorities didn't particularly care that i was a disabled person what they were concerned mostly abt was wasting their resources and time. I agree with that 100% also. Slander or libel won't get a person a jail sentence tht I'm aware of however you gotta be cautious when it's cyber-based. There are so many internet and cyber- laws that good law abiding people don't realize they're guilty of violating sometimes every single day. And once someone says something on any site via web there is a record of that from then on. For forever. No one is worth my freedom and I'm not expending my own energy and time on someone who wouldn't care what I think anyway. This man you've described here might not care what anyone thinks about him. Maybe he doesn't even like himself. Who knows. Sky's the limit. But at the end of the day we ALL either reap benefits or suffer consequences for the things we do. If you've been hurt by someone, I know how you feel and I'm sure sorry for however that happened. I mean that. Imo it seems the last thing anyone would want is to find out you're in hot water for something you never realized cld mean trouble for YOU sweety. If this person is guilty of these things - omg be happy! I would steer clear, cut my losses and be pleased that I found out when I did and no later. Evening a score is satisfying maybe for a minute and after that- it does nothing good for you. But it's a free country and until you're proven a criminal you have the right to make choices. Be sure it's worth it though. If I had a quarter for each time I've been hurt, I PROMISE YOU I would be financially secure. But that's life. There's good. There's bad. Your character is determined by your reaction during the more difficult situations. And TBH, it's just a matter of time before this guy has legal issues himself. For sure. Be better than he is. You'll look back one day and you'll be proud. Hurt is part of life. Good luck to you stranger. May God bless you. From Reney

==============================================I would bet anything this post was written by Darren Ambler himself. The same theme as the rest of the stuff he posts replies to on other similar sites. ONCE again he is attempting to defend his bad actions and he trying to tell the poster to forget about what Darren Ambler did and STOP exposing him. NO DICE to THAT!
We must pay for our sins PERIOD! Plus- I think Darren Ambler is not only a sex addict but an EVIL LIAR. I happen to know he has done other bad things to other people. YES I agree Darren Ambler does have Legal problems on the way. He created every problem HIMSELF. I believe you can't get out of bed after all the screwing you do. It is any wonder Darren can Walk. If Darren wants to continue to waste his time posting crazy false posts like this well go ahead. It won't help your legal problems at all. God Bless!Sweetheart! Just another sociopathic attempt on Darren Ambler's part to con forum members. God bless you Child of the Lord!
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