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Joel rocco
San Diego's most hated user liar manipulator scumbag sociopath

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I only knew this man for about month but I could probably write a novel on the experiences I went through with this man. I first met Rocco online...we had a lot of mutual friends...and although he was not my type (physically he was overweight and short for my liking) he seemed funny and nice so I gave it a chance. The second rocco and I started dating he latched onto me like a leech. He called me about 50 times a day texted me every 20 minutes if I didn't respond he would freak out!!! He displayed obsurd possessive and controlling behavior from the start . When I brought it to his attention that I was uncomfortable with the controlling/possessive behavior, he confided in me that he was just a bit insecure because of his last girlfriend (Nicole dabish) who had cheated on him, broke his heart, and broke up with him over text message. So naturally being the caregiver and nice kind person I am I believed him and took pity on him. Rocco then continued to take me on extravagant dates for the next two weeks paying for everything not letting me spend a dime even when I offered he took me to the races we gambled with his money he took me to dinner out drinking almost every night....he took me to the casino... we would go on fun adventures on his motorcycle daily... we went to Alpine to Coronado to Solamar beach. He would pick me up on his motorcycle every day he got off work and come pick me up and we go somewhere fun I think he expressed love for me on the third date, and was talking about our future and being a stepdad to my five-year-old daughter!! and having a home together one day.!! Every time Rocco came to my house or meet me for a date he had a bouquet of roses for me. One morning he even invited my daughter and I over for breakfast and he cooked us French toast scrambled eggs and bacon. He literally won my heart over in under a month (and my daughters as well) The odd thing is during our small talk and our dates he would question me about things like how much money I made or where my parents live but if they had money how much my rent was little things like that, that were financially personal to me.of course I never answered them. So fast forward, one night I was sleeping over at Rocco's apartment (my was at her dads) and I hear a pounding on the door downstairs at his bedroom door!!! The pounding went on for about 30 minutes and come to find out, it was who he explained to be his "crazy ex-girlfriend from LA" ..he told me she was fat ugly mean to him and that she broke up with him over text message and he wanted nothing to do with her. She kept pounding on the door 30 more minutes..I told him to take care of it or I was going down there myself. Then he disappeared for about a half an hour came back and told me that she had left and she won't return again and not to worry. I immediately expressed concern for my own safety and my daughters and told Rocco that I did not want to date him anymore. He immediately broke down crying sobbing saying his stomach hurt he had an ulcer and he couldn't take the stress!! I laid down on the bed next to him and Comforted him because with everything he had done for me I actually believed him. I consoled him and he fell asleep. The next morning he swore to me nothing like that would ever happen again and he would protect my daughter and I and make sure that that crazy ex never came back. The next day Rocco and I were on the motorcycle we took a really fun ride up to the races in Delmar had a really fun evening and he took me to dinner at some place in salon a beach. While I was in the restroom I started getting bombarded with Facebook messages and a friend request from Nicole Dabish. These messages consisted of screenshots of Extremely sexual explicit context between Rocco and Nicole almost daily (and the same day that I was there with him on the date). I stormed out of the restroom and showed Rocco the messages he again started crying confessing his love and explaining that this girl was crazy and lying he only did it because he wasn't sure of my commitment he was so sorry he would never do it again. He confessed his love for me we went home to his house and made up. The next day he invited my daughter over for breakfast I was very hesitant to introduce my daughter to this man because of the red flags I had seen but I agreed to a one hour breakfast in the a.m. He introduce my daughter to his dogs my daughter fell in love with his dogs shanae and junior and he made us breakfast like a complete gentleman ( French toast scrambled eggs and bacon ) and sent us on our way home. My daughter and I went to the beach that day so I didn't have my phone on me but the second I got home there was no calls or text from Rocco which was out of the ordinary because normally he would text and call at least 100 times a day like a psychopath. I texted Rocco and his demeanor seemed distant I called and he answered abruptly and he sounded very rude and distant like I was a complete stranger calling. I sensed something was off with him and five hours later he texted me the words "we are done". I questioned what he meant because just earlier that morning he was cooking breakfast for my daughter and I and handing me a dozen red roses..I couldn't comprehend his behavior... what sort of normal human beings acts this way?? He said that his Middle Eastern girlfriend had come back from LA and they were getting back together and "he was sorry for leading me on". That is the last I've heard from Rocco joel..... and the last I've spoken to him and the last he has tried to contact me. This man spent an entire month getting to know me and my five-year-old daughter taking us out buying me roses buying her teddy bears and cooking us breakfast...when the entire time he had a girlfriend in Los Angeles who he was communicating with on a regular basis. I'm no psychiatrist or psychologist but I know the definition of a sociopath and I'm pretty sure this man meets the definition 100%. It is a shame that someone like this exist because they might make people that are not as strong as me really lose doubt in the human race and men in general. If you do come across this man and this happens to you please do not think it is you and do not think any lower of yourself but just know that people like this do exist in the world....but they exist miserably and they will have one person to answer to you in the end and it won't be good for them. To all the mothers of Rocco's children.. I've read all of your reports as well Im so sorry . I'm sure you deserve so much more and this man took advantage of you seemingly even more than he did me. I feel so badly for you and I'm so sorry...I hope your sons can grow up to be nothing like their dad...I'm sure they won't be because you seem like strong women. This man will eventually get what is coming to him...this world works in mysterious ways and karma is real. Regardless of dating this man if you are looking for any type of business venture as an investor or a member at his gym I would literally steer clear..this man will rip you off intimidate you and take anything you can from you he's a con artist and thief. Just steer clear of this man altogether if you can .. he is San Diego's most hated. I'm going to raise San Diego tell this long island scumbag to go home back to New York where he belongs

Complaint-review: Joel rocco - San Diego's most hated user liar manipulator scumbag sociopath. Photo #2  Complaint-review: Joel rocco - San Diego's most hated user liar manipulator scumbag sociopath. Photo #3  Complaint-review: Joel rocco - San Diego's most hated user liar manipulator scumbag sociopath. Photo #4 
Contact information:
Author: Lindsey mcqueeny

Offender: Joel rocco

Country: USA   State: California   County: San diego   City: San diego   Zip: 92101
Address: 320 16th st
Phone: 8583339152

Category: Dating


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