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Darren Ambler
Darren Ambler- Stalker- Pervert-Sex Addict- Con- Man- Compulsive Liar- Psycho- mentally ill: NJ:

Complaint / review text:
Darren  Ambler pursued me on an Internet dating web site a few months back.  Darren was registered on some 34 dating websites: some were adult sex web sites.  Darren seemed desperate for companionship. Apparently- his wife couldn't take looking at his homely face any more and up and left him.  Darren Ambler had very bazaar way to say the least.  He was reclusive, unfriendly, un-emotional and I soon found Darren was quite perverted and sick.=================================================

Darren Ambler used me for sex only.  Which is plain abuse and sick on his part.  Darren would show up unannounced after work some nights.  Within a short minute his clothes would be off and he would stand in front of me totally nude with his tiny wee wee dangling in the wind.  Darren was under the false impression he had something below the belt- believe me doesn't.  He would ask me if he should clip his pubic hairs which i though was weirder than weird.  Anyway Darren Ambler used me for sex- oral sex and sick pornographic acts.  He loved filthy talk and dirty text messages.  Darren cheated on me while we were intimate.  He also repeatedly lied to me about everything.  Darren Ambler is a liar- con artist- sex addict- sociopath- manipulating - ugly weirdo. ======================================================================== 

Darren Ambler was lousy in bed- could not satisfy a women if he tried.  Also- Darren is a sick perverted sociopath.  He would lie about anything.  I think he had 2 or 3 kids but never spoke of them very much.  All Darren Was interested in was "SEX= Sex- Sex- oral sex and pornography. He did his best to attempt to hide our sexual relationship.  Darren is about 40 year sold and still lives with mommy and daddy which is pathetic just like him "Pathetic"!   Darren is a low life- sex addict who cares about one person- "His Ugly Self"! =========================================================

Darren would sleep with anyone- he can't be faithful.  Darren Ambler has no moral fiber- breeding- class or social grace.  He is a big zero seeking companionship and most of all sex.  This guy brought havoc into my life.  I have been trying to recover from the damage since we ended our sex relationship.  =====================================================================

Darren cheated on me- He screwed prostitutes- old women- married women- this immoral creep has no limits.  After we broke up I found out Darren Ambler was having an intense sexual relationship with a 65 year old Grandmother.  A 40 year old Darren Ambler having intercourse with a 65 year old Grandmother.  That is sick - perverted and vulgar on Darren's part.  How can the scum bag have intercourse with an old woman. I guess desperate psychos like Darren will do anything.  Darren appeared to have no sense of reason and acted on impulse.  Screwing a Grandmother- Darren is perverted and mentally sick.  He is obviously desperate and sex addicted.  

Ladies please do not fall victim to this sick sex predator.  Darren Ambler will use anyone to get what he wants.  He has no conscience- feelings or remorse for anything he does.  In his crazy head- he does nothing wrong!   This freak could be spreading STD's God knows who else he has been with.=================================================================

Darren lives a double life.  He portrays himself a kind- sensitive- caring guy.  In reality- Darren Ambler is a selfish sociopath- sex addict that will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  Darren was a former drug addict now turned sex addict.  Ladies please be on the look out- Darren is a professional liar- Do not believe anything he says ever.  He is mentally sick and getting worse.  Use caution on dating sites or any social network web site.   Darren Ambler is about 5ft 9 in- skinny scarecrow body- no muscle tone- thick bi focals- blonde thinning hair-ugly- no personality- low self esteem- he dresses like he just came from Good-Will.  He may now have a beard or mustache in effort to alter his homely appearance.  He has a rather high squeaky voice for a guy.  Darren is obsessive controlling for sure.  He uses to sex to control women.    He prefers older women to have sex with because they are more vulnerable and easier for him to con.===========================================================

Ladies Darren Ambler must be stopped.  He preys on Vulnerable lonely females.  If Darren senses insecurity or loneliness he will move in for the kill.  Darren is a Pharmacist in New Jersey.  He resides with his parents in Delran New Jersey (Southern NJ).  BEWARE:/ Tell him to buzz off and get mental help- he certainly needs it:  Remember Darren is obsessed  on line dating web sites.  Darren has the tendency to stalk his female prey prior to SEX.  Remember Darren Ambler lives like a Doctor Jeckyl- Mr.  Hyde (Split Personality traits)...


Please do not allow yourself to become Darren Ambler's next victim.  He is a creep with no love- care or understanding of anything but his own sick sexual needs.  Darren Ambler understands nothing about relationships, feelings and what women expect and need from a man.  if you notice I used the word "Man".   Darren Ambler is not a man, he acts like a immature teenager (Girl).   Seriously, Darren does not exhibit very many masculine traits.  He can't confront anyone he is too scared.  If someone confronted Baby Darren- he would probably cry- wet his pants and run away.  I learned not too long ago that Darren Ambler had a previous substance abuse problem which is another sign of weakness.  Apparently- Darren transformed his previous substance abuse into a sexual compulsion-addiction.  It is quite common and Darren is no exception- even though he thinks he is perfect.


Darren had a sick fascination with his smelly tongue.  He always wanted to do sick perverted - vulgar things to me with his gross tongue.  Darren Ambler has no decency or moral fiber- it just isn't there.  He has much to learn about life.  I think he better get an STD test.  He has no right screwing PIGS and then lying to other women telling them he is clean and free from disease.  Darren has no idea what these disgusting women are carrying.   Darren is so stupid and believes every thing these losers tell him.
BEWARE Ladies- Darren will stalk and use anyone. He has no conscience-has no feelings for anyone at all. Just wants SEX- Oral Sex- Fondling and dirty talk. Darren enjoys the thrill of sneaking around. Darren would lie to God if he had to. His whole life is a deep dark and very sick secret. Darren is demented and needs mental help. Darren is a Pharmacist for Express Scripts in New Jersey.

Contact information:

Offender: Darren Ambler

Country: USA

Category: Dating


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