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Darren Ambler......aka....Damen Ambler
Dating Website Predator: Internet Stalker: Womenizer: Player: Sociopath: Con-Artist:

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Darren Ambler aka....Damen Ambler..Is from Delran New Jersey which is in Southern New Jersey. Darren Ambler was an Internet Abuser and Social Networking Predator. Darren was registered on as many as 15 dating web-sites at one point. Right there is a clear indication he has some serious mental problems. Darren is a former drug addict. Darren used the internet to solicit vulnerable- lonely and desperate women into a sexual relationship with himself. Darren apparently is a very demented sex addict.

Darren spent hours on line on dating web sites trying to get women to see him so he could use them for sex- oral sex and to act out his sick pornographic fantasies. Decent girls wouldn't do these thing so Darren or Damen knew he would have to find desperate sleeze bags to carry out his sick fantasies.

Unfortunately- Darren Ambler got me at a vulnerable time in my life. He charmed me with total lies and deciept. He forced me into sex the first meeting. He tried to make me perform oral acts on him but I refused. Darren has split personality. He wants people to think he is a nice guy with moral standards- strict beliefs and class. He has none of those things. Aside from being low-class- Damen has serious mental illness. He would sleep with anyone.

Darren used me for sex and lodging. He would send me filthy text messages in an attempt to arouse me prior to sex. I found out he was screwing other women while he was seeing me. What a sick human being. Darren has serious personality disorder. It was evident he suffered low self esteem and he used sex to build his ego. Darren also controlled females through sex. A real immoral pig of sorts.

Darren is a bad human being- a liar -cheat- con artist and professional player- womanizer. Darren has many issues like Internet abuse also. I found out he was banned from Facebook for Harassment. What an idiot. This guy needs mental help and powerful medication to control his psychotic episodes. Sex therapy may not hurt either. At least 60% of the time we were together we was naked.

Darren has slept with hookers- and a variety of gross despratos he met on line. I am angry and how dare he use me and other as a sex toy. Last I heard Darren Ambler was screwing a 68 year old flabby Mother figure. He is sick and perverted. That's like sleeping with a grandmother. He needs serious therapy. Darren has earned quite a reputation. I think he has children and I feel those kids should be taken away from a liar- playboy like Darren Ambler.

DARREN IN BED WITH A FLABBY SENIOR CITIZEN- DISGUSTING DARREN YOU ARE INSANE AND DIRTY MINDED..... Darren has no personality- under 6 foot- sunken in face- stringy blonde hair- thick glasses - skinny body- just plain ugly. His breath would choke a horse. bad news all around.

Everything Darren Ambler does Is odd. One morning he stood naked in my bathroom and told me he trimmed his pubic hair just for me. I thought that was totally weird for a guy. Then he proceeded to talk about some nude pictures he took of his perverted self.

Ladies- We need to put this dirt bag out of commission. Avoid him on any social network site. report him to the webmaster. Don't agree to meet him unless you want your clothes ripped off. He is more than lousy in bed. That is why he likes oral sex to make up for his lack of manhood in bed. Darren Ambler is a bonified "SOCIOPATH"!! a TRUE PSYCHO!!!!!!

Lets band together get this pervert off the Internet. Maybe one day he will get the help he needs because he is not normal. His poor children. This guy can manipulate very easily. Compulsive liar also. Tell him to stay home alone and keep his clothes on. Darren must learn their are consequences for our inappropriate immoral conduct and filthy perverted actions. Yes Darren this is true and you know it. I have every right to tell my story. Leave females alone. Go with your 68 year old tramp. You homely dork. You are not a ladies man- but a ladies worst nightmare. Try being truthful for once in your life you ugly perverted two timer. Go trim your pubic hair again you weirdo. Leave us alone.

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Offender: Darren Ambler......aka....Damen Ambler

Country: USA

Category: Dating


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