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Applegate Logistics and Warehousing

After reading another complaint on this site, I have decided that I have just started to fall into the same thing with a different "company" Here is the first and several following emails. I am writing to you in regard to your resume and contact information you sent referring to the ...

Consumer Report

"BEWARE: For anyone considering Fotolia for Stock Photos, let me share my recent experience with you. I bought credits for future use. I tried to use them 366 days after the purchase and they HAD TAKEN THE CREDITS AWAY. I called about it, saying that I missed their deadline by a day and was ...

Deal Dash
Consumer Report

Opened a 25. Oo account and When I went to bid it stated I wasn't a member. Opened the account approximately 7/25/2013. Bid on the first iem and was automatically switched to the same bidder against me. Still had money left in account and when I went bac on deal dash it stated that I was not listed ...