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Brian Clark - The Classic Chassis
Agreeded to restore my 1972 240Z for a price of $8,000. Only replace the floor pans and sanded and prime the car. I want the engine and trann/clutch and other parts back which they kept. I did recove Fayetteville Internet

Brian Clark agreed to restore my 1972 240Z Datsun for a price of $8,000.00. The floor pans were replaced an inside fender weld was repaired. The car body was sand and poorly primed. When I picked up the car at James Grosslight shop in Lillington, NC, The only thing that was there was the body, no engine, transmission, clutch ...

The Classic Chassis
Brian Clark Its Magic, turn in a classic car and $20K for restoration and Brian Clark will make it all disappear

In April 2008, I brought my 1965 Mustang Coupe to The Classic Chassis. I had the shop to a complete look over and we discussed how I wanted to take my car and turn it into my dream car. At this point, the Mustang was my daily driver. It worked fine and didnt give me any problems but I wanted to upgrade the car to this decade ...