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I was sent a revewal notice for National Geographic which was not yet due. I sent in half of the payment requested in January. I was about to send in the second half when I decided to look the company up in the internet and oh what a surprise. This has been an expensive lesson. I fear that I'm not the only one who has fallen ...

Orbital Publishing Group
Not sure, I think PublishingClearing House is, Keeps sending me magazine Renewal & Billing statements. Numerous bills at one time. I got six today for six different magazines I never ordered

This is the SECOND time I have told this, Publishing House to stop sending me subsscriptions for magazines I have not, and do not intend to subscript to. This is very frustrating to receive numerous pieces of JUNK MAIL from the same company, over & over again. Thank you This scam has 'PEGGY', from the Capitol Card ads, written ...