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Good Will The system enters fake bids to keep you uping your current bid. THe system will display a current bid and when you bid it automaticely increases the bid amount, "not the displayed bid amount."

Good Will Of Orange County, California owns this website that other Good wills across the country list their donations on. They auction off all their donations to the highest bidder. Unfortunately the seem to be a bit greedy, "yes, greedy on their donations." There system is simply, display a current bid say $ 8.00. You place ...

Goodwill online auction
Auction fraud

Well I'm hear to talk about the Goodwill online auctions. I've been shopping online with them for a few months buying gold Jewelry and silver coins, well at least trying too. I started to realize a seriously deceptive trend because it couldn't be a coincidence every single day or every auction. You see if you watch the jewlery ...