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You pay for products, they get cancelled saying that you missed the chance for verification, but the cancelled orders still charge your account

I have just lost the 80 dollars to this website first 40 dollars in January 2012 second 40 dollars one hour ago May 2012 As you make the purchase and fill out your credit card info, you receive emails pending authorization for Telephone verification system You receive the email for the Telephone ... scam

I am a first time customer to I purchased a pc game from their website last night. After a few minutes i received a phone call to verify the transaction for the game and was sent a link to which i was meant to download from. Before i ended the call i asked the agent how long would this take as the game was ...

Refused Refund, Bad Customer Relations

I currently live in Korea with my husband who is in the US Army. I wanted to purchase a game from EA's website but it automatically sends me to the Korean version and I was unable to navigate the site or purchase from them. I found and purchased the game I wanted from them. I felt it was a little weird that ...