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Oklahoma Department Human Sservices
OKDHS - Child Support Services Abuse of Power, None Investigative Support, Post of False Information, Neglect in following own rules and regulations

For the past 12 plus years I have been paying my child support with the exception of when I was unemployed. I have been charged a high level of interest on all payments and past payments. During this time, My son's mother has harassed my employers and mailed court documents to friends, family members and employees of the ...

Choctaw County Oklahoma Department of Human Services
Child Protective Services children wrongfully taken a very unfair and unjust system

A Father urgently seeking legal support in Hugo Oklahoma TO: 1 More1 recipient CC: recipientsYou More BCC: recipientsYou Show Details FROM: M Gallaway TO: Message flagged Monday, March 5,2012 7:49 AM Hello, This is a note from my cousin, Damon Edwards, who is desperately seeking legal help to ...

Woodward DHS
Took my Rights on my Children

I have three children and in 2005 DHS took my kids from me. I was a single mother of three i asked for there help i was working two jobs i had to move in with my father and they had me doing classes and working and making time for apt with them. I asked the worker for help she took my kids said i would get them back and she ...

Dept of human servies
Brent hayes howard hendricks judge kirby r gish my grandson was hurt or had a reaction the state has ripped him away from everthing he knew and loved never even talking to babysitter who was three hours late the only thing i can actually say the ba

Something happen to my grandson while in babysitters care my grandson did get his dtp vaccination then him and i both got sick with broncities thats when we use babysitter we talk to people about him we did a background check he comes from good family hes a student. He brings my grandson to be three hours late in a comatose ...