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A book "Chritmas Cooking from Heart" was sent to me without asking, I tryed to send it back but post office would not accept to return without paying for it. Now I received a threat from colllection agency, North Shore Agency, Isilde LeBrie ...

North Shore Agency
Old have recieved a collection notice on a magazine Country Sampler that I did not have a subscription fo

I have received a collection letter for a magazine, Country Sampler that I never had a subscription with them. It was a free try one magazine and if you like it pay then. I have only received 1 magazine the trial one and no others. They are demanding that I pay $19.96 to clear my account. I dont have an account. I dont know how ...

North Shore Agency-NA5
Billing ripoff

I began receiving a publication called The Nation. I never ordered this and assumed it was free. I have never received a bill for this. I just now received a letter from a "collections agency" to pay $17.95 or there would be further action taken. I went to the website to pay this as I enjoy the publication. Once there, I saw ...