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Merchant Lynx Services
Merchant Lynx Slick Salesman, Suckering you into 48 month leases on outdated equipment and feeing us to death

Good Old Phil Beniamino, who also owns a limousine service in Georgia name Hollywood Limos of Atlanta, came to see me about much cheaper processing rates. I trusted that he would be OK since he also owned the same type of business that I have. Beware of this man and anyone involved with Merchant Lynx. They must train their ...

Merchant Lynx Services
Fraudalent contract

On or about 11/4/11 my company Budget Windows signed a contract with a Rep "Peter Rehee" from Merchant Lynx wherein he provided a credit card swiping machine. It had been agreed about the Agreement that I'd just be charged a regular charge of $59.95. Additionally, I'd not be charged for almost any additional costs by which it ...

Merchany Lynx Services
Fraud and lies-lies-lies

A few months ago - a man named "Every" called and said we we NOT receiving all the discounts we should be (on credit card processing)- and if we could show him our monthly statement and give him a few minutes of our time - he "GUARANTEED" his company (Merchant Lynx services) could save us money. "Every" wrote up a contract - ...

Merchant Lynx Services
Credit card processing

Anybody within the state-of California that has a criticism against Vendor Lynx Providers, please document a with Http:// Nsf/Primary/60FD9BD8FA71A5B185256CD1005EE5C5 This is actually the Atty Standard for that State-Of Florida. If enugh individuals protest perhaps they'll make a move. I submitted our ...