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Les brown enterprises
Communicate your way to greatness Not providing services after paying $1K, Not reponding to e-mail, unable to reach by phone

Les Brown Enterprise, In January of 2012 I paid over $1000 to get lifetime access to a communication skill development training course taught by Les brown. I used it for a few weeks but got off track to higher priority personal life style changes. I began attempting to access my account in Dec of 2012 and my user name is not ...
Michael Robertson Michael Robertson

Michael J Robertson owns Who owns Michael Robertson owns Attorneys on Avvo have made the comments below. Would they have made these comments if it was them or their children on I don't think so! "The mugshot is public information. Anyone could have looked it up as soon as ...

Vic Gardenhire
Andy evans Vic Hiring Organization Americas Best Marketing Plan Liar Cheat Theif Malcontent rip off artist Fiddlenben Con artist [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Craigslist

This individual has cost me time, effort and money. This man known as Vic Gardenhire posts adds all over the internet requesting help for software development, in no doubt for his web sites which are just fronts for his scamming and conning of legitimate business people. After initial contact with this individual we came up ...