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Kaplan University
Recording phone calls this individuals or recording call my cell phone every day and nite on weekends and when I answer hang up or leave a recording for 20minutes

I am very tired and fed up with these annoying calls, the caller does this repeatedly and on weeklendsthey dont answer and when they do not get me on the line they leave a 20 minute recording. Today I called them again and was very upset with these college I never asked or inquired here I am also going to put this number on ...

Kaplan University
Denied me externship placement

I started Kaplan University in February 2009, everything was going along great. I was excelling in my classes and had no financial aid problems. Monies was granted and I always received a 0 balance at the end of each term. I had done everything I was suppose to do. I qualified for educational expense associated with me getting ...

Kaplan University - Online Campus
Kaplan School Let me go to school for 12 months and then said they submit my financial aid papers to FASA

I started with Kaplan University in Jan 2009, I was so excited that i was finally going to get my degree in my dream field. I submitted everything i needed for Financial Aid and Pale Grants and Student Loans if needed. I was approved for a full Scholarships with the Pale Grant. My Financial Aid ad visor at the time told me ...