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Mark Daniel
Mark Adamczyk Web Design, SEO

I hired Mark Adamczyk ( in August 2011, after he convinced me that he would complete a long list (provided an Excel spreadsheet containing about 50 different actions) of SEO projects for my site, to increase the traffic to my site, leading to conversions. He guaranteed that he would quadruple the traffic to my site ...

Fraud Company

Mark advised to every individual is Fraud but why stating it? He's wise guy or possess a wise organization? But We tolk Number he's a spamer as well as fraud and He's scam Organization And he's a blacker guy beacause he need our providers in free for his websites Http:// Mark Daniel ... - Website Design Company For Real Estate
Mark Daniel - Mark Adamczyk FRAUD Paid him $1800 for a website and got absolutely nothing!

I hired Mark to build our real estate company's new website. I new exactly what I wanted and he told me he could provide it. He was charging $300/mo for the servicing, but billed in 6 month increments. I paid the first 6 months and was told it would be delivered within a few weeks. The website was not going to be anything ...