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Bonnie kase

I have charity carewhich waS SNEVER APPLIED. i CALLED hrrG AND THE MAN BECAME HGOTILE TELLING ME THEY DONT HAVE CHARITY CAre which they do. He called me basically a lar and said only hospitals have charity care. This man was very hostile and demading for a bill I don't owe ...

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False Billing

I visited a healthcare facility for 3 various appointments and that I realize that the medic providers are charged separately. I've an extremely low-income. I really couldnot afford to pay for the hospital costs, and that I talked having a consultant at my clinic. She'd me make an application for the Treatment Plan and that I ...


How will you anticipate for individuals to pay for you money-they "owe" in case your being OUT-OF CONTROLLABLY rude!!! The corporation may be the most unprofessional company. Our child has already established processor to get a year today, went in May towards the E. R., and all a quick does not have processor that month however ...

Difficult to deal with!

Our 2-year old needed to visit the IM annuallyapproximately before. He is had Molina through Medicaid since delivery however for some cause, his advantages were ended the month he visited the IM after which reactivated per monthapproximately later... Atleast that's what I had been informed. And so I have now been looking to get ...

Rude hrrg employee

I visited the im twice this season since i'd menorrhagia the expenses arrived and that i required assistance since i could not pay the expenses. And three months later i obtained a letter in the hrrg people. And so i called them. I talked into a woman who had been so rude!!! Her name was dee based on another broker she was ...