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Broadview ARC
I was quiet Skeptical

I was a little skeptical when I was first approached about the Filtropur system. I already had two air purifiers, and felt like this unit was unneeded. The woman who cam to demonstrate for me was the nicest sales rep I've ever encountered. She wasn't at all pushy, and was very patient with my millions of questions I threw at ...

Unprofessional and very poor customer service

My experience started out with a phone survey on air quality. Next thing I know I'm getting a phone call to set up an appointment for "opinions" only. The young man shows up and cuts right to the chase. He's selling a purification and cleaning system. I said "that's not what I was told on the phone" and his reply was "would you ...

Filtropur Commercial
Darrell Weeder FVS INC. Bought Vacuum year and half ago and nothing but trouble since, It's been sent back 3 times to factory and a least 6 times to the place we bought it. Biggest piece "JUNK' I've ever seen on the market

I bought the Filtropur vacuum Aug. 8th 2011 and have had nothing but problems since. We went back to TVC LLV the place that sold it to us and the vacuum was so bad they couldn't understand why it wasn't working or why it was just fallng apart so they gave us couple new ones, but they did the same thing, just fall apart. Donovan ...