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Sven Slootweg
Sven Slootweg aka ORGANIZED CRIME PLACED ON FBI WATCHLIST AND KLPD, Korps Landelijke Politie Diensten - INVOLVED IN ORGANIZED CRIME ONLINE and are of course owned by Joepie91 AKA Sven Slootweg. He has changed the registration of anonnews to claim that the domain is owned by Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Swartholm. Slootweg also changed the domain registration of encyclopediadramatica. Ch to claim it is owned by Ryan Cleary, who is currently ...

Garrett Moore
Garrett e. Moore d. O. B. July 17th 1989 severe online harrassment member of the cyber terrorist group " anonymous" runs a hate campaign site encyclopedia dramatica, being watched closely by the fbi for cyber terroris

Garrett E. Moore is running the internet site Encyclopedia Dramatica Se. The site is under close surveilance by the FBI for CYBER TERRORISM. Many of the sites members have been arrested and charged and serving long prision sentences. See, google (Josephevers blog spot dot com) Garrett Moore is a close associate of Ron Clearly. ...

Garret E. Moore Garret Moore
Runs a hate website (racist) that hates jews, gays, blacks, hispanics, this man runs a hate site on the internet and is a member of the organized crime group "anonymous."

Garrett Moore; Garrett E. Moore is running an INTERNET HATE WEBSITE that primarily targets hatred toward the JEWS, GAYS, BLACKS AND HISPANICS, NON-WHITES. He is a member of the criminal organized crime group "anonymous." garrett e. Moore last known address in zainesville ohio. Date of birth july 17th 1989. D. O. B. 7-17-1989 ...