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Dream Team Tickets
Ripped Off Mom

Yet another customer dupped by Dream Team Tickets. My mom purchased tickets to Cavalia for her grandson. When I heard how much the tickets were, I was shocked so I went to Cavalia's website... Found the same exact tickets for $220 all fees included in that final price. Dream Team charged Mom $367... Of course didn't know the ...

Dream team tickets, usa
Big Represented as show, actual ticket broker, triple price, told them handicap, sold us tickets not accessible, called, to bad, total misrepresented, scam on a handicap person

Represented themselves as show, is actual ticket broker. Marked up ticket three times face. Told them handicap, sold tickets as handicap accessible, when received contacted actual show and was told we were scammed. Not accessible for handicap. Called and response was sorry can`t help. ...