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Prime Credit Services
Oscar Williams, Claims Agent, Ann Smith, Promotion Manager, Fruad, Fake Sweepstakes, Convincing Checks/Hidden Void, Very Convincing, Dont Be Fooled

Ill give you a brief on me. I am a student in college and have a normal day to day life for the typical californian. I received a letterin the mail that had my correct name, street, and adress. It didnt hold a return address and was posted with a Canadian stamp. The letter read.. & PRIME ...

USA MEGA International Sweepstakes
Holden Financial Services—Used to "Pay-Off" money. Mailed letter/check for $4,700.00 "help pay for taxes which was payable to tax agent"

Letter mailed to the house on 3-1-2010, stating that I won $250,000.00 USD. "My serial number" 52383549 matched the five lucky winning numbers of 14-22-35-37-19 and was the 2nd prize winner in the USA Mega International Sweepstakes drawing. Holden Financial Services had been assigned by ...