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Prime Financial Services
Received same letter as previous report note but my check had no voids printed on it anywhere even when put up to the light. The check was for $4800 written on a JAG APPAREL GROUP check on BOA of Waln

I received a letter from Prime Financial Services from the "Promotion Manager" Ann Smith. The letter advises me to contact claims agent, Oscar Williams at the Vancouver cell phone number noted in the report. I am a 2nd prize winner in the second catagory of the USA Mega draw held on Feb ...

Royal Trust Financial Services
On April 27th, I received $4,700.00 check, it looked legitimate so I cashed. This was supposedly that I won $250,000.00. Then I was to deposited into my bank account. Then on May the 3rd, I was

I was ripped on sweepstake scam. The mailed a check for $4,700.00, i was told to deposit to my bank. Then i was asked mail $1750, through western union to james walson to london england. This was may 3rd. Then on 4th they asked me again to go to western union and send $1335.00 to edward ray london ...