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Ritchie brother auctioneers truro ns
Ritchie brothers auctions in debert truro nova-scotia. Iam a local car dealer, ritchie brother auctioneers made up a story, and reported it to main office, to baned me from the auction so they can favor my competition across the street

I am a local car dealer located in dartmouth nova scotia, we usaly consign between 10 to 30 cars in every auction that ritchie brothers have in debert nova scotia. The manager of rba debert made up a story to convince there head office that i was bidding on my own cars, so the head office would ...

Paulette Raymond
Harris vexatious litigant. Child support fraud, assault, parental alienation, fraud, theft, extortion, denied access to children, got long term child support for adults

Paulette Raymond has committed child support fraud for the last twenty years. She received substantial spousal support and child support from my husband, her ex, at the time of the divorce. He has paid close to a million dollars ($1,000, 000) in support of that family. Twenty years later and the ...


On February 20,2012 we bought a Floor Cabinet for our bathroom. This was found in their bathroom section. When we got home and opened the box, there were chunk's of wood off the legs, there was cracks in the cross pieces. Screws were not long enough and the dowels were too short. Could not tighten ...