State / region: Virginia
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Kathy M Kearney
Stale bread

To Who It May Concern. I went to Food lion in my area and purchased three types of chi ching bread. Two lofs and one hamburger bun. Within days the bread was growing white stuff on it. I was unable to use the hamburger buns and the second loaf of bread had moisture in it so i discarded it also. The expiration date is Aug ...

Nick Noel
Pool Scams

Stay away from Virginia Beach Pools/Nick Noel. Nick is a smooth talker who will tell you what you want to hear (i.e., “we have 30+ years of experience; we clean up after ourselves; we do quality work; we're honest; you'll be happy with the job; we're the only pool company in the area that replace steps; giving you a good price ...
Likely a Scam

Payment accepted, but no product ever shipped. Emails are not answered. Good thing I used a credit card to make purchase. Now I have opened a dispute and will let the credit company deal with this disreputable individual. Always use a card when buying anything over the internet since you really don't know what kind of clown ...