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Baker Nissan

BEWARE!!!!!! This company is a fraud. I applied for an auto loan online and was sent an approval the next day for Baker Nissan Northwest. They kept open communication for the 5 days in between the time I got approved from the time I could go into the office. Once I arrived I filled out a credit application and sat in the office ...

Complaint-review: AKA 24hourwristbands AKA AKA RapidWristbands AKA - I was Defrauded of taxes and the product is shit!
0 AKA 24hourwristbands AKA AKA RapidWristbands AKA
I was Defrauded of taxes and the product is shit!

I found these knuckleheads and thought they were legit because they said all their products are Made In The USA. Not only was my product obviously made in china, they charged me more for "Made In The USA" and they charged me tax even though they are in Texas while I am in California. This is a Federal Crime. They refunded the ...

Complaint-review: Kent Taylor - Investments

Kent Taylor Investments

In Jan of 2014, I lost my husband. It was a big loss for me and for my family. I decided I needed a change and to sell my only home to start a new life. During the month of May, I have managed save a horse only after another one passed away. Shortly after I decided I wanted to rescue horses on a higher level. I started ...

Thomas H. Johnson

Thomas H. Johnson is an Attorney Out of Frisco, Texas. I was being sued by a debt collector that purchased an old debt and trying to collect on it. I know that it's difficult to get an outstanding result in such cases. However, Thomas had me look up his winning stats on some website he had. It looked very promissing. This ...

Solicitation of Prostitution

TOPLOP gives out one's personal email address, then one gets personal letters of solicitation of prostitution. TOPLOP refuses to remove the people sending solicitation of prostiyution, and make the one complaining feel like the criminal. The girls are paid a percentage of the cost of each letter to make one'e continue ...