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G. V. N. - Global Vacation Network
Global Vacation Network Made multiple offers, but an AMEX gift card was the only thing withou a number of hoops to jump through to get anything

I was offered multiple gifts for attending a meeting. They did not pressure me but they did waste my time, and were very deceptive about what they were order to make good on the Merchandise offer I would have to buy $100 every month for 15 months to get $20 back. They requirements to start the process are exactly as ...

TD Bank/Checking Account

Because TD Bank has had over Business Bank I'm annoyed in the levels of costs which are billed to my bill. The CS Repetitions within the limbs aren't correctly informed concerning the lender guidelines and/or items sometimes and info is definitely inconsistent. I understand that bank is just a company but this really is simply ...

Aspen Dental

I purchased dentures from these people and got a giant rip-off. I requested they pull all my teeth they left 5 lower ones. I knew they were bad and I wanted them out. They convinced me that leaving them in would help secure the bottom plate. I cannot wear the bottom plate at all. They then told me that the teeth they had left ...