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TPL Global Logistics Services
David Brown I thought I was applying for an assistant manager job (yeah, I'm dumb) but it was a package forwarding scam

I began looking for work at the end of October and I did part of my job search on Craiglist. I received a response by email that looked hopeful. It was for an assistant manager position where I would train for one month at home and then work from the office. I I thought it was too good to be true but then again I figured "at ...

S. U. P Group, LTD, Swen Palisch, Walter Konig Of Germany
S. U. P Group, LTDS. U. P Group, LTD, Swen Palisch, Mr. Walter Konig Of Germany Used our funds to invest, never paid us a penny, they made a lot of money off of us Isla, Espaa

Two years ago we were introduced to to a company S. U. P Group, LTD, AKA Palisch World, "SUP" and Swen Palisch through his assistant, Mr. Walter Konig of Germany. We subsquently wired funds to SUP Group, LTD and Mr. Swen Palisch. He promised to invest the funds, with approximately a 10X return. The return on our investment was, ...

Cec Solutions, llc
Cotinuous excuses as to why i have not yet recived the laptop i am currently paying for that is not in my possesion Mclean

I heard the add on the radio while still living in Florida when i called and spoke to a sale rep named Daniel Snyder told her i wanted to purchase a laptop and would like to pay it off. I was then told about the $99.00 down payment and about the five consecutive payments that i have to make in order to be financed i agreed the ...