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Complaint-review: Marty Lackner eelco - Betray

Marty Lackner eelco

I paid more than USD 1000 by paypal to eelco, but only got 1 of two ordered packages. The more expensive ( USD 600 incl. shipment to Austria, Europe) didn't arrive. Mr. Lackner cannot be contacted anymore . I try to get the money back by paypal. Hope he will soon find himself at prison! ...

Gorilla Capital
Will Steal Your Money

SCAM! John Helmick and Gorilla Capital will steal your money and cut you out of the deal. They will either charge you outrageous, undisclosed fees or simply cut you out of the deal completely. Then, if you disagree, you can go to arbitration and pay even more. This happened to us... And when we disputed with him, John ...

Marty Lackner
I formation

For anyone who hasn't heard yet Marty Lackner of Eelco is a scam artist with no regret or heart. If anyone needs information of this low life his address and phone number is below and is still accurate and you can just give him a ring. I would suggest looking him up first to see all the dirt on this guy. He has complaints all ...

Probably fraudulent/scam

Brandefined called to tell me my cabin company had been selected to be the focus of a Facebook affiliated campaign/marketing push in Georgia. "How much? " (I cut right to the chase; nothing is free.) "That's an excellent question, because we are one of the few companies that tailors to YOUR budget, providing ONLY what you can ...