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Guitar Justice Magazine
Musicians Beware

Hi, this is Tracey Manager of Iron Planet. We were promised by the owner and operator of guitar justice. That myself Tracey manager would get our copys of decembers issue of guitar justice magazine in the mail. Never recieved anything in mail called Minot the editor of the magazine and she hung up on us. Minot's boyfriend gets ...

Greentree Savings
So On October 4,2007, Scott Sheeron He said that I got a loan for $6,000 but need to send $924.99 and after that he said need to send $775.00 MORE WHAT! I was over it Thats when I asked for a refund

On October 4,2007 money issues was getting the best of my so somehow Scott Sheeron got in contact with me about a loan that I can get approve for and he said all I had to do was send $924.99 for a security deposit so he fax me the contract and I fill it out and send it by the way I had to raise the money up my family still ...

Liquid Printer
Shady business practices

Do not send any money to this company! I wanted to get some boxes ordered from this company. I designed and submitted the images and was told that I could submit payment. However, this company doesn't take debit or credit cards and only takes wire transfers or checks. That seemed a little shady to me so I called and asked if ...