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Larry Shaffer
Never Finished the job

Larry Shaffer pulled up to my house and offered to do some unsolicited tree trimming in early April 2017 . We agree upon some work and a price. Work included remove some old logs, cutting down 1 tree, dead wooding another few trees and some power washing. Larry's crew was all nice enough, they did about 50% of the work and ...


WWW.PREDATORSWATCH.COM is a FRAUD!! This website as no true predators or real information. Every person on the website is a victim of the TRUE PREDATOR.... WWW.PREDATORSWATCH.COM! They only want money for removal. The website itself makes all of the phony posts and adds all of the fake comments!!! Real losers here. ...

Complaint-review: Na than Balzer - Scammer Sold me a bad dog!

Na than Balzer
Scammer Sold me a bad dog!

Please stay away from Nathan Bazler. I was stupid to buy a puppy from him. The poor thing that showed up to the airport wasn't the dog I bought. A matted hair dog, messed up teeth, just wasn't acting like a puppy. I was in shocked, I didn't pay for this pup. I contact him. Nathan and his evil wife Beth. I cried, and begged them ...

Broadview ARC
I was quiet Skeptical

I was a little skeptical when I was first approached about the Filtropur system. I already had two air purifiers, and felt like this unit was unneeded. The woman who cam to demonstrate for me was the nicest sales rep I've ever encountered. She wasn't at all pushy, and was very patient with my millions of questions I threw at ...