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Complaint-review: Piyush Patel - Piyush Patel

Piyush Patel
Piyush Patel

PIYUSH PATEL On November 6, 2015, our company The Ritz Theatre in Elizabeth NJ, filed a law suit for eviction of PIYUSH PATEL for the non payment of rent. The law Suit specified an unpaid rent in the amount of $124, 000.00 in rents owed, and $67, 728.00 in unpaid property taxes for a total of $191, 728.00. As soon as we ...

Chris Corday

Sold a brand new copier machine to ACEDEPOTLLC/Chris Corday. He claimed it was broken. After we send him a prepaid RMA, he shipped back a heavily used/broken unit. Then he used the PayPal as an accomplice to claim refund for his return fraud. ...