State / region: Minnesota
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WC Mon Value Plus
Funds Stolen

You people have a long list of consumer complaints, I am adding mine. Why have you been withdrawing $24.95 from my checking account every month. I don't know what this membership plan, or whatever it is called, is for. I demand to have this account cancelled, my funds returned, and you are forbidding from debited my account as ...

Tiny Tails MN
Illegal business

Tiny tails claims to have been in business since 2014, doing dog daycare and boarding. However, in order to operate a dog daycare, the business must be licensed as a pet shop and located in a commercial zone. In order to do boarding, the business must be located in an industrial zoned area. Tiny Tails is located at 4547 46th ...

Metro bow hunters association

Mbrb is not illegal but they are lazy hunters looking for a quick kill. As an avid bow hunter As who hunts strictly public land and work for my deer I don't condone mbrb. I also live in the city in which they provide mbrb hunts. For one, we enjoy watching the deer as my kids do as well, 2nd if you call yourself a bow hunter you ...

Farmer Seed and Nursery
$155 worth, 1/2 DOA

I ordered 65 plants and some starter fertilizer. The plants came in one huge ball with tiny labeling. It had to take over an hour to separate the plants into groups without breaking twigs. During the organizing of the cluster I noticed a lot of them felt and looked like the fallen sticks in my yard. I still planted everything ...