State / region: Kentucky
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Humana Medicare Contract Health Insurance
Fraud, disgusting, abomination, stealing, causing emotional and physical suffering maliciously

Humana is a predator. They denied my stomach medication for over a year sending me letters that it was non-formulary. I did not have a computer or otherwise I would have seen that my med was a generic tier 1 covered medication. I have 3 letters from them stating non-formulary status. I was charged brand name cost for generic ...

Sedgwick CMS
Deception by agent

Tyan Nanka Bruce claims examiner is extremely misleading, imply spiritired, combative and never to become respected. After seeking buying paperwork she decreased the replacement-cost of my households HD tv by $1800.00 which makes it difficult to obtain the alternative to my collection ruined by AT&T IS wire incorrect gear ...

Aspen Dental
Bad Practices

I visited Aspen Dental for small tooth ache. They did xrays and did not find something. They explained I'd be known an oral physician to complete more substantial xrays AND COULD require a root canal AND COULD require a top. I had been subsequently taken up to meet the economic supervisor. She informs me just how much insurance ...