State / region: Kentucky
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Star Ford At Oxmoor
Big Switch Arue

My brother went to Star Ford Of Oxmoor (herein SF) in Louisville to purchase a car. After finding one he liked and givin a price he decided to buy it. He was told he was approved and to return the next day with Insurance for the vehicle and to fill out paperwork. Later that day he was told there was a problem and he needed a ...

Dixie Auto Works
Employment fruad

My Uncle was working for Dixie Auto Works, when low and behold he found that his employer was not withholding his taxes, nor paying his child support. Yet they gave him his check stubs proving otherwise. The IRS is harassing my Uncle. Dixie Auto works is now in trouble for tax evasion, But yet the IRS continues to demand ...

Circuit City
Has struck again!

In February 1999 I bought a computer, scanner, printer, and camera from Circuit City. I was also talk into purchasing their extended service plan as well. After getting the system home I had to contact Parkard Bell because the access code did not work for the system. They mention another flyer that was included with the proper ...