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Sams Club
Ripping me off

To whom it may concern: I realize that with a company of your size, things may get overlooked. I also know that mistakes can happen, but i feel like i need to address some issues that you may have overlooked. Or simply stated: mistakes that you have made. About six weeks ago while shopping at the sam's club in cary, nc, i was ...

Bernard Haldane Associates
Walk the other way if you see Bernard Haldane coming your way MISINFORMATION - DECEIPT - FALSE STATEMENTS

Everything you want to know can be found in your local library. Everything, including names and address. Haldane told me that more than 7,000 corporations use haldane registry of resumes every day. Haldane told me i was the best. Haldanesaid they would do the research for me (and showed me a stapled packet about a specific ...

Return Rip-off Policy

I recently bought a television set for my young grandchildren for Christmas. However, after discussing it with my wife, we decided that they are too young (4 y/o twins) to have a television set in their room. Between the time we bought the set and the time we made this decision, we somehow managed to lose the store receipt. ...