State / region: Kansas
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Robin Wilson

I have being receiving calls from 1800-216-5205 from "Robin Wilson". I send them to voicemail as I have no idea who this person is or the company. The message says - "if you are "may name" i have to call Robin Wilson at 1800-216-5205. When I do call back the message says, the person at extension 15039466335 is unavailable, ...

Elizabeth Lamb-Zumwalt
Liar, cheat, manipulate, abuser

Basehor, KS beware, farmers insurance you should be ashamed to employ such a person. She sleeps with everyone. Loves the married men gave me an std...mentally and emotionally abuses her daughter fills her head with lies..sends nude pics to married men and expose child to strange men. Steals, lies and lives in a fantasy world. ...

"Nikko" Mike Reichmann aka Killjoy aka Killroy aka The-Husketeers-Rescue
Another Fake Animal Rescue in KS and threats to anyone that calls him on it

Mike Reichmann aka The-Husketeers-Rescue is a psychotic fool and pedophile who trolls the internet for free animals and enjoys calling and threatening women and children who answer the phone. He called my friends 12 yr old daughter and was sexually explicit on the phone to her. She was so upset and I am not going to allow this ...

Doc on Call
Scam / Fraud

During the trial period I called the company and spoke to several different sales reps telling them to cancel my account that it the purpose at the original sales person lied to me about what the doctors were able to prescribe what medications they were able to prescribe however the company continued to charge my account 2495 ...