State / region: Illinois
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Muslimot Olowo

Customer ordered a lighting product from us and claims FedEx didn't deliver it after a sad story of staying home all day waiting for it. Then she puts in a claim in PayPal to get a refund. Never asks for a replacement or communicates with the company. ...

Bait and switch

I ordered 100% cotton Regal 1800 Series Deep Pocket 6 Piece Bed Sheet Set. I received 100% polyester. This company has sold over 500,000 items on ebay. They have a canned response for everything. They sell fake and counterfeit products. Rather than own up to their fraud and refund. They just keep you chasing your tail until you ...

Wesley Berry Flowers
Flowers never delivered

Flowers were never delivered and I paid the extra charge. Now I see Many others went thru the same crap with them also. They never answer complaint emails and all they do is give you your money back and nothing for the trouble you went thru or the fact that they screwed up a 75th birthday surprise. Wesley Berry II the company ...

FarmerSeed has Changed Their Name!

For all of you that have put complaints on here about FarmerSeed at 1706 Morrissey Drive, Bloomington, Illinois, BEWARE: I just got a catalog from a company called; Four Seasons Nursery and they have the same address, 1706 Morrissey Drive, Bloomington, Illinois 61704, so I can only assume that they have changed the name of the ...