State / region: Illinois
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Complaint-review: Joseph "Joey" Michael Richko - Scammer, Felon, Thief

Joseph "Joey" Michael Richko
Scammer, Felon, Thief

Joey (Joseph Michael Richko) is a felon. My friend dated him for a while and broke up with him as soon as she found out all his lies. He said he has his own maintenance company (was his dads) and later discovered he had done 3 years in prison for scamming people by selling fake tickets. His mother is also involved with scams to ...

Jenny Lee
Dishonest, rude, thief

She is Korean. She is a user, has a bad mouth, used me as a apartment reference without my consent. She steals library books. Don't trust her with anything. I put up with her abusive mouth. She is very manipulative, evil person. She harasses men by texts, she feel hurts her feelings. Which she is a heartless person. She hates ...