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ICMA withholds account information

The company emailed a notice that this year brought a change in my required annual disbursements. It then referred to a link giving this information. When I found the link lacking in the promised information, I called the company. The person taking the call promised to mail the information and verified my address. I requested ...

Government Grant Department
Free Grant Money Received a phone call from Richard Williams @ 202 666-7770. He stated that I was randomly selected by the US Government to receive $8400 in free grant money to use in any manner except criminal activi

Free Government Grant Money to be used any way you want except criminal activity. Karen Jones @ 202 470-1385 identified herself as an employee of the US Government. She stated that I was randomly selected to receive $8,400 in grant money which would be deposited within 30 minutes after I made a $205.00 charity donation to be ...

TSG Capital Partners
TSG, Valentino Trubiani, Safeguard Insurance, Congress Insurance Invented Fake Boss Fraudulent EIN numbers Collects Fees for doing no work

I guess this is sort of an update. I visited their website today. It says the Caesar Fund and TSG were now owned by Safeguard Insurance. The Safeguard site is Safeguard Insurance is a small brokerage in Cleveland. I see it also uses the same UPS store mailbox as the former Caesar Fund/TSG ...