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Charles Farricielli | Mr. Charles Farricielli | CHARLIE FARRICIELLI
Fake, Scam Charles Farricielli | Mr. Charles Farricielli | CHARLIE FARRICIELLI

Charlie Farriciellli has been selling fake and duplicate PEMF8000 products along with his partner in crime Andrew Loose (AKA - Andrew Brooks) who is the owner of Five Brooks ranch and . There have been many cases reported by the people getting burnt and receiving electric shock. This seems like these ...

Nick Alberino
Scam fraud lies

 Now I'm sure this was brought up before and swept under the rug any way possible. After reading this the first week of employment, I was skeptical. I decided that either way I would give it a try and it would be a good opportunity to try. Now that I've witnessed this first hand, I can say that all of this is true. There is a ...

Jay Servidio
Jay Servidio Fake Site

I purchased a site last year of October 2015 thinking that it was a slot and gaming site that legitimate. Jay Servidio assured me that after I bought my site I would start seeing money flow in. I didn't see anything and the months kept passing. I thought I would buy his marketing package for $4, 500 and this would help, but he ...