State / region: California
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Rachida Elfrimi
A complete fake and Scam

Rachida is trying to lure men with children into marriage by having fake profiles on marriage sites and social media like Facebook. Her aim is to get money out of the person by pretending to invest it into a business or property. Please do not give her any money and do not go into business with her. She has a $3m fine with the ...

Monthly fraud charge

Bookkeeper of my small business id a charge we could not explain. $49.95/month phone # 888-673-1308 with TECHSOLUTN This took a week to get someone on the phone and I cancelled! They stated this was 'part of my merchant services, not true, my merchant service account knew nothing about it. I did not stop there, you must call ...

Rotorazer LLC
Return policy

Wife ordered a rotorazer saw from this company for me for christmas and i tried to return it because i have one, albeit a differrent brand. its brand new never out of the box. Purchase price, $149.85 with shipping etc, $179.99. I understand that i have exceeded the return time limit but they were only willing to give me $37 for ...


DEBT OFCREDIT CARDS TURN TO LIENS, can the be enforced to take house, that is paid for? this action is primitive because i not able to provide the facts that the debt is not my responsibility {ignore} does the officer who contacts you talk to you or he just serves the notice? it is insulting and evil the company is sacor and ...