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Just rude

Eddie was really rude at the door as we went to fetch my wifes ID he would not let us back in. We just wanted to have a good time and get a few drinks but he was totally rude and nit wanting to just help out. I will never retirn to this place because of this ...

Greendoor Valet
Overcharging/bad service

My problem is that our Apartment Management has made a written agreement with this company to service our complex. Numerous times time I have complained to my Apartment management of our trash not being picked up. I wrote to the Green Door Valet about the situation. Well I put the trash out again by my door on the evening of 6: ...

Unauthorized Billing

Good Day I have recently purchased a product On Bogabids and have used my bank card to pay online and than received a credit card authorization form which i never filled in, but 2 days later my bank account was debited with an amount of R570 Please be careful and vigilant about this company!!! ...

Garcinia Cambogia
Wrong Charges

Good Day, I also ordered Garcinia blast for $2.99, an amount of R1741.00 was wrongly charged to my credit card. I specifically said NO EXTRA CHARGES. I still havent received any products 6 weeks later, and they do not want to return my money. So basically they are from customers. DO NOT purchase this product! This company ...