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VEC (Virginia Employment Commission)
VEC, Virginia Employment, Virginia Unemployment Office There is never a answer even if you call the 866-832-2363 number, you stay on hold forever

I have been without a job since July 6,2010 with no monies coming in. I got terminated and appealed it and won September 9th, 2010. Arizona has done all it can to help me and consistently says that Virginia has dropped the ball and all they need to do is combine my wages in Nebraska and Virginia in order for me to receive a ...

VEC Unemployment Insurance Teresa Doljac
VEC-UI Teresa Doljac she purposely tries to deny claims the first round. Illegally and maliciously Richmond, VA

Teresa doljac is a corrupt person in a powerful position with low accountability. Her mission is to give an impression of a fair hearing while trying to meet production requirements of her organization (which means that she TRIES to purposely deny your claims using the method of 'guilty until proven innocent'). These tactics ...