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Overdraft charges the amount

I have two overdraft charges the amount they tried to get approved for $149.95 I have to call the bank tomorrow & get all the information I just saw my Wells fargo online checking account & I am overdrawn thanks to USA credit I never authorized them to take money out of my account can somebody please give me a return call at I ...

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Good credit

I requested the credit card last year, i presently still have a merchant account, and use it frequently. Our monthly premiums have no intrest, which is making my credit greater believe it or not. All my payments are reported to my credit history. I had been just approved for a house. I had been told that there was an ...

USA Credit
I want my damn money back!

You people should be ashame of yourselves for stealing individuals hard earned cash! That is ridiculous and that i need my cash back! I have no idea who you're, but its sad how you got my info! I am telling you today! Easily have 1.00 inducted from my account from you individuals, you guys are likely to be sorry since i'll take ...

USA Credit
These people have riped me off

These folks have riped me down i dont kno who they're or why they did this-but I'll reach the finish of it. These folks required 149.95 99.00 withdraws from my acount. They've delivered my account facility which requires from my kid. That irates me. They have to log off the web and remain off darn it. ...