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Something needs to be done

I get my benefits through the direct express card and this month me and my husband were victims of a scam i believe. Both my husband and my social security benefits are put on that card. About 2 am on the 3rd we went grocery shopping and when i got back we had $777 on the card availible. This was for our rent and utilities. I ...

US Direct Express
Fraud suspension Alert

US DirectExpress is so difficult to contact. I am currently living outside the US. My contactinfo and current address is recroded on thierwebsite yet they chose to suspend both mine and my husband's account for a fraud alert. My suspension was triggeredby usingatan ATM IN THE TOWN where I am registered as living. We travel a ...

US Direct Express
Direct Expressed ripped me off!

On the 3rd of August, 2012, I noticed a crack in my direct express debit card, that went into the magnetic strip... Rendering it useless. I called Direct Express to order a new card. I was told, that a new card would arrive withinh 10 days, and it was assigned an ending number of 2195. When no card arrived by the 14th, I again ...

US Direct Express
Funds Transfer Bug

For the past couple of months the Funds Transfer function on the US Direct Express web site has been limited to 9 digit account numbers rendering it completely useless to me, and Im sure many other people who are collecting their benefits through US Direct Express, since the accounts I was transferring money to before they ...