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FLEXABLE HOSE confirmed incorrect order, added two additional orders to credit card, have spent much time listening to music on phone contact, no "800" customer service

When ordering the product which was a buy one get one free, just pay for shipping. The order displayed was not correct, I went back & changed it, the screens disappeared * a confirmation screen appeared & I noticed that there was only one shipping charge & no "get one free" shown. I attempted to call the toll free # listed on ...

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I'd delivered these products of the Geni bra, back, did anything when returning, I purchase a lot of television, and certainly will not think they could not discover the return, is that this a fraud to obtain money, I've another charge card, if you might therefore generously call me to refund my money, I've find out about ...

Tristar Products
We purchased the Montel Williams Livingwell Pressure Cooker for QVC. Used it 4 times and it stopped with a digital reading of "F4". Called QVC and they said I needed to speak with Tristar Products. I

We purchased the Montel Williams Livingwell Pressure Cooker from QVC. After only 4 times being used, it stopped with a digital read out on front of unit showing "F4" We called QVC and they said we needed to speak with Tristar Products. We were able to speak with their rep, who said we could return if we paid $29.99 and they ...

Tristar Products Inc
Montel Williams Healthmaster Promised refund, refused to issue check or credit to current address and banking information, crediting to closed bank and visa that no longer exist East Fairfield

This is a follow up to an earlier complaint with Tristar over the Chinese Made "Montel Williams Healthmaster" blender. I spent the last month (Aug 2011) fighting with them to get a refund after receiving a 3rd unit that failed within days with the same problem. Normally I would be happy, but they are refusing to issue a credit ...