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Credit Report BIG SCAM

Trans union is a Company that you pay for to monitor your credit and your score; So that you can get a loan and a good interest rate! Well its a scam. They will tell you that you score is 727 in which is a Good score; But when you apply for a loan as I did your score will be a lot lower as they did to me, My score was 664 and ...

Transunion Credit Agency
Run Around

I've tried for a couple of months to get my deceased father's death certificate from TransUnion. I contacted all 3 credit bureaus to advise them of his death, asked them to put a note on his file, and asked for a copy of his credit report. I sent an original death certificate, copy of the Power of Attorney, copy of the court ...

Transunion credit
Wrong Info

This agency reported wrong information in my credit report for Chase Visa account. This account is not mine. I was working in a store and the lady/owner gave me a card as authorized user to use it for the business. I never ever apply for this credit card. Please i need you to help me remove this immediately so i can buy a ...