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Tranone is a deseptive company that offers the best repair deals on transmission reapirs by luring the consumer into depositing up front cash into an account usually ($900) to have the vehicle towed, initial diagnostic testing, dismantaling of the transmission and estimate for the repairs. The catch comes in this manner: ...

Missleading promises and stolen money

My transmission was going out so I went to get a quote from a neighborhood shop. They quoted me 3,200$. Of course I wanted to shop around. I turned to the internet as we all do these days. I found a company calling themselves TranOne that advertized 1,000$ plus hard part damage (whatever that means). They also advertise high ...

Rip Off Bogus Company

I was quoted for a transmission repair for $997.32 with free tow and diagnosis. After first diagnosis, they stated they needed a deposit of $896.70 to their bank account at Bank of America. Since i already bank there, i thought i was safe. Afte the deposit, they supposedly opened up the transmission and there is more damage. ...